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Due o tre cose che so di Ciro (Two or three things I know about Ciro) payed homage to Ciro Paone, founder of style icon brand, Kiton (1968) during the 2017 Pitti Uomo exhibition held in Florence. Ciro is someone that has brought the artisan ways into the world of the tailoring, with a clinical precision that goes into every final product check.

There is nothing that is ostentatious or screaming at you. Here, they search for perfection, they live in the realm of normal, where 350 tailors hand make each piece that then goes to market. A suit jacket for example takes 25 hours to be fully complete. There are no shortcuts, nothing industrial that goes into their production; it’s secret is all hidden away in how each garment is made. Shoes are made to order, they are also made to rest for one month before they are given to the client.

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