Pellegrino Artusi
The father of modern Italian Gastronomy

Welcome to 1820 MAGAZINE.

Pellegrino Artusi 1820-1911

Our mission is simple, we want you to understand, take note and share in our passion of great Italian Gastronomy.

We look to the great Pellegrino Artusi the father of modern Italian Gastronomy as our spirit guide, our own Obi Wan Kenobi of Gastronomy that without his intervention, our food would probably never have unified such a divided nation.

His greatest publication “Science in the kitchen and the Art of Eating Well” was a guide, a diary, a recipe book that broke down linguistic barriers, regional introversion and stopped a French maligned gastronomic diaspora spreading across Italy.

Born in 1820, it was only right that we honoured his endeavours with the title of this magazine.

1820 MAGAZINE offers a leading experience of top-notch Italian gastronomy with a unique twist of art, design and Made in Italy you have never before seen, and never in any other magazine.

We will let you experience Italy’s gastronomy through its most excellent and genuine protagonists.

1820 MAGAZINE has been created to show the real face of Italian gastronomy and bring it to you free of misinterpretations and common places.

You can consider us as a one-of-a-kind gastronomy magazine, an exclusive photographic exposition, a cultural cafè, a retrospective exhibition and a unique think-tank all in one product.


1820 MAGAZINE is the must-read for every Italian Gastronomy and Made in Italy aficionado

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