By Giulia Ubaldi

Edition: 2 - Page: 33 /37

Nori was born here, in the forests of Val Rendena, in Trentino. Féro instead, a little more east, in Val di Non, still in Trentino. Sometimes they move together, sometimes alone through the valleys, collecting herbs in a forest that knows they are there, no matter how quiet they remain; they never ask from nature more than nature will allow them to take, going further than any other form of agriculture because, as they say.

nature gives you everything and from the forests you must throw nothing away

Eleonora Cunaccia, better known as Noris, has always been passionate about herbs. Ever since she was a child she has been collecting from her valleys, choosing the herbs and understanding each one uniquely. In the 1980s along with her now ex husband, they opened the Locanda Mezzosoldo in Spiazzo.

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