Where an Italian food festival is something more than food

Festa Vico

Edition: 1 - Page: 123 /132

Vico Equense

“Italy’s best-kept food secret is the Sagra. A festival organised to show off a local food or drink (or both), a Sagra is a place where you’ll eat well – and learn.” Amanda Ruggieri’s analysis of a tradition, so very typically Italian ranks amongst other passions as a favourite pastime. Soccer and Cycling  being the other two, naturally. What Amanda misses is that no Sagra is like another. Yes, there are street stalls, yes you have to navigate like Columbus and be as deft as Nureyev to meander seamlessly through the crowds, picking your spot, your food, your time to wait; but no two stalls are the same, no two festivals are imitations of one another.

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