Don Alfonso 1890

Ernesto Iaccarino**

Edition: 1 - Page: 14 /44

Sorrento, the kind of place where you return.

There are those that, when they arrive, they decide to never leave again. It happened to Alfonso Costanzo Iaccarino, he left for America, but came back, then there was Herr Brandmeier. He visited Sorrento after completing a grand tour of Europe, he then decided that he would not return home, or go anywhere else for that matter.

It was 1890 and their paths crossed at Sant’Agata on the Two Gulfs, where in a Neapolitan palace built in the 19th century, they opened their restaurant, Don Alfonso 1890. Four generations later, the Iaccarino family have never left this part of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

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