Marco Paone

Editor-in-Chief and founder at 1820 MAGAZINE The Art of Italian Gastronomy

Illustration: David Malan

Dear readers,

A lot has changed since our first publication hit the shelves in October 2017.

What started as a gastronomic view of Italian culture and turned into something a little bigger, grandiose in part and yet subtle in others.

1820 in fact is named after the birth year of our gastronomic father, Pellegrino Artusi.

In his works, ‘Science in the kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, we understood that he wasn’t just telling the story of Italian food, but moreover of Italian culture.

What we understood from our first edition was, we were doing the same.

In fact, as storytellers, we found that we could speak about food as the epicentre of Italian cultural experiences and in that, we found that we could give you something richer: A real look at Italian culture in a way that no other magazine about our beloved land can.

We continue to believe that food is the cultural window into the soul of the nation, but we also see the stories around those cultural experiences as fundamental to let people really discover what a nation is truly like.

Whether it’s the idea of Made In Italy, a local festivity, a Michelin star meal or the iconoclastic image of a nonna making pasta, our duty is to tell you the real stories of Italy.

So what is our second issue all about?

Webster’s dictionary defines counter-tendency as “a tendency that opposes or offsets another tendency” in short, it’s about doing something that little bit different, opposite in cases, challenging the stereotypes in others.

I was once told that ‘rules are made to be broken’ in reason, they are.

That’s what our second issue looks at, the rule breakers, the misfits, the early adapters and the counter-culture.

The ones who stand for their own vision even when it goes against the common threads of today’s digital society.

It’s not about likes, or fashion, it’s not about email lists or the latest app; it’s about championing our differences and similarities.


We salute those that think that bit different.”


Marco Paone

1820 MAGAZINE The Art of Italian Gastronomy