Marco Paone

Editor-in-Chief and founder at 1820 MAGAZINE The Art of Italian Gastronomy

Illustration: David Malan

Dear readers,

Our mission is simple, we want you to understand, take note and share in our passion of great Italian Gastronomy. The art, the culture and the essence that separates, unifies and purposely notes the simplicity of cooking all within an Italian epicurean environment.

We share this mission with you because we aim to inspire and highlight the Art of Italian Gastronomy to those that care. We look to the great Pellegrino Artusi as our spirit guide, our own Obi Wan Kenobi of Italian Gastronomy that without his intervention, our food would probably never have unified such a divided nation.

Born in 1820, it was only right that we honoured his endeavours with the title of this magazine. His greatest publication “Science in the kitchen and the Art of Eating Well” was a guide, a diary, a recipe book that broke down linguistic barriers, regional introversion and stopped a French maligned gastronomic diaspora spreading across Italy.

We see food as art, as nourishment, as a cultural window into the soul of a nation. Italy is changing, food changes with that, but it is how the Italians are responding that means as a nation, we at 1820 get to show you how; the real story of Italian Gastronomy, without gimmicks. From the local pasticceria to the home cook, the Michelin
Starred chef to local feasts & festivities, 1820 will cover it with style, subtlety and a few words from our writers and photographers. 1820 will celebrate the Made in Italy ideology but with our own unique perspective.

Food, design, art, culture, 1820 honours Pellegrino Artusi, the chef, the nonna, the creative mind, soul & spirit; the Italophile and everything that it embodies.


Marco Paone

1820 MAGAZINE The Art of Italian Gastronomy